Terry Oggel
Welcome to my Web Site. It is primarily a teaching Web Site. It includes various materials--course descriptions, web course-enhancement projects and syllabi--for courses I teach in my fields: American Literature, Theatre and Drama, and Bibliography and Textual Studies.  I have added a section on Special Features that are related to my teaching. The first entry is about Mark Twain's "The War Prayer." A third section highlights the presentations about teaching and research made by members of the department who participated in the Faculty Symposium I created and directed. 

Spring 2014 courses:

Engl 373: Literary Realism and Naturalism in American
An examination of literature of the United States from the Civil War to World War I, when the dominant genre was fiction and the new, influential literary philosophies and techniques were realism and naturalism.

Engl 499: Writing About Race in 19th Century America
An investigation into issues of race as they were treated in two modes of writing
literature and law.

Across the Continent:
"Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way" (1868)  Currier & Ives (Frances Palmer and James Ives).

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