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July 2019: [ScalingBitcoin'19] Paper BackPackers: A New Paradigm for Secure and High-performance Blockchain , accepted. See you in Tel, Aviv in Sep.

Mar. 2019: [IEEE ICDCS] Paper Optimal Transactions Placement for Scalable Blockchain Sharding, accepted

Mar. 2019: [IEEE TKDE] Paper Blocking Self-avoiding Walks Stops Cyber-epidemics: A Scalable GPU-based Approach, accepted

June 2018: [IEEE Comp. Magazine] Paper AI & Blockchain: A Disruptive Integration, accepted

May. 2018: [BlockSEA'18] Organizing a Workshop on Blockchain and Sharing Economy Applications (BlockSEA) at IEEE ICDM'18, Singapore. Please submit your good work.

Mar. 2018: [Lab-B] Excited to introduce our new Blockchain lab Lab-B, co-directed by Hong-sheng Zhou.

Feb. 2018: [ACM MobiSys'18] Paper "TYTH-Typing On Your Teeth..." accepted (AC rate 37/138=26.8%).

Nov. 2017: [INFOCOM'18] Paper "Adaptive Crawling with Multiple Bots..." accepted(AC 309/1606=19.2%)

Aug. 2017: [IEEE ICDM'17] Paper Importance Sketching... accepted as a regular paper (AC rate 72/778=9.25%). Selected for Best Papers of ICDM

Jul. 2017: [ACM SenSys'17] Paper PhO2: Phone-base blood oxygen level measurement... accepted. (AC rate 26/151=17.2%)
Nominated for Best Paper Award

Apr. 2017: [ACM TOIS'17] Paper Social Influence Spectrum... accepted.

Mar. 2017: [Sigmetrics'17] Paper "Outward Influence..." accepted (AC rate ~ 13.5%)

Mar. 2017: [IEEE/ACM ToN'17] Paper "A Billion-scale..." accepted.

Feb. 2017: Invited for 2 NSF Panels.

Jan. 2017: [IEEE Access'17] Paper "Transitivity Demolition and the Falls of Social Networks", accepted.

Aug. 2016: NVIDIA Hardware Grant Award (NVIDIA Coorporation)

July 2016: [ACM CIKM'16] Full paper Multiple Infection Sources... accepted (AC rate ~17.6%)

May 2016: Invited to TPC of ICC'17 - Big Data Net. Symp.

Apr. 2016: INFOCOM'16 Presentation Award: Best-in-Session for Network Science 1

Apr. 2016: Invited for an NSF Panel

Apr. 2016:[SIGMOD'16] A full paper accepted to the research track.

Apr. 2016: Congrats Hung on winning double awards: Outstanding Research Award (1st place), School of Eng. and Outstanding Early-career Research Award, CS Dept.!

Mar. 2016: Invited to TPC of IEEE INFOCOM 2017, a premier conference in comm. networks.

Feb. 2016:[BigSecurity'16] Paper on Targeted Cyber-attacks" is accepted to The INFOCOM BigSecurity Workshop.

Nov. 2015:[INFOCOM'16] Paper "Cost-aware Targeted Viral Marketing in Billion-scale Networks" has been accepted to INFOCOM'16 (AC rate 18.3%). And a Wordle on the INFOCOM 2016's topics.

Sep. 2015: Serve as a PC Co-chair for COCOON'16 conference in Hochiminh city, Vietnam

Aug. 2015:[ICDM'15] Paper "Network Clustering via Maximizing Modularity: Approximation Algorithms and Theoretical Limits" has been accepted to the ICDM 2015 conference as a full paper (acceptance rate 8.4%).

May 2015: Thang Dinh will serve as an NSF panelist.

Mar. 2015: Thang Dinh is invited to serve as a TPC member of IEEE INFOCOM 2016, a premier conference in communication networks.

Nov. 2014::[INFOCOM'15] Our paper "Assessing Attack Vulnerability in Networks with Uncertainty" has been accepted to the INFOCOM 2015 conference.

Nov. 2014:: Thang Dinh is invited to serve on the WIDN workshop in INFOCOM 2015.

Jul. 2014:: Thang Dinh is invited to serve on TPCs for IEEE ICC'15 SAC, and ICNC'15, Social Computing and Semantic Data Mining (SCSD) symposium.

May. 2014:: Thang Dinh is invited to serve as a TPC Co-Chair for the 3rd Workshop on Computational Social Networks, Hawaii, Dec. 2014

Apr. 2014::[COCOON'14] The paper "Optimal Inspection Points for Malicious Attack Detection in Smart Grids" is accepted to The 20th International Computing and Combinatorics Conference (COCOON'14)!

Apr. 2014:: Invited to serve on the TPC for the 10th International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks (MSN 2014)

Mar. 2013::[ToN] The paper "Network under Joint Node and Link Attacks: Vulnerability Assessment Methods and Analysis" is accepted to IEEE/ ACM Transactions on Networking!

Nov. 2013:: Thang Dinh is now serving on the Editorial Board of Computational Social Network Journal, published by Springer.

Oct. 2013::[ToN] The paper "Cost-effective Viral Marketing for Time-critical Campaigns in Large-scale Social Networks" is accepted to IEEE/ ACM Transactions on Networking!

Sep. 2013::[ICDM'13] The paper "Least Cost Influence in Multiplex Social Networks: Model Representation and Analysis" is accepted to IEEE ICDM 2013 as a regular paper. The acceptance rate is 11.6%!

Aug. 2013::[JOCO'13] The paper "A Near-optimal Adaptive Algorithm for Maximizing Modularity in Dynamic Scale-free Networks" is accepted to Journal of Combinatorial Optimization!

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Thang Dinh
Thang N. Dinh: Associate Professor (2019-present),
Department of Computer Science

Virginia Commonwealth University

  • 2013-2019: Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth Univ., USA
  • 2008-2013: Ph.D, Computer Engineering, Univ. of Florida, USA
  • 2003-2007: B.S, IT, Vietnam National Univ., Hanoi, Vietnam
Research Interests:
  • Blockchain Optimization
  • Social Networks and Billion-scale Graph Mining
  • Network Security and Resiliency
  • Approximation Algorithm

Position Available: I am looking for self-motivated and hardworking students who are interested in tackling challenges in the areas of Blockchain, Social networks, Cyber-security, and Combinatorial optimization. .

[Google Scholar][DBLP] [Scopus]- My Erdos number is 3 via the following path: Paul Erdos - Ronald Graham - Panos Pardalos.
Phone: (804)-827-4007
Fax: (804)-828-2771, attn: Dinh
401 W. Main St. Rm E4244
P.O. Box 843019,
Richmond, VA 23284-3019

Selected Honors and Awards
  • Selected for Best Papers of ICDM 2017
  • Best Paper Award Nominee, ACM Sensys'17
  • Best Paper Award, ACM MobiCom 2017 - S3 Workshop
  • Best-in-Session Presentation Award, INFOCOM 2016
  • Best Paper Award, 4th Int. Conf. on Computational Social Networks, 2015
  • Travel Awards: SIGWEB '12, MILCOM '11; UF CISE '11 and '12.
  • Outstanding International Student Award, Col. of Engineering, Univ. of FL 2011
  • Alumni Fellowship Award, University of Florida, 2008
  • The Honda Young Engineer and Scientist Award, Honda Foundation and NIST, 2007
  • Distinguished Academic Achievement Award, Vietnam National University, 2007
  • Microsoft Scholarship, By Bill Gates for Top 10 Outstanding Vietnamese Students, 2006
  • Bronze Medal, 15th Int. Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), US, 2003
Selected Publications | Full list of publications

(My students are marked with *)


Journal articles

Refereed Conference Papers

Research projects

Human Resiliency of Enterprise Networks: Assessing and Strengthening


  • Measure susceptibility of Enterprise system against Targeted Cyber-attack
  • Modeling infiltration behaviors of attackers and characteristics of automated attack tools such as social bots.
  • Novel Intention-discovery system to detect social-engineering infiltration attempt to automatically isolate the threats.
  • Security hardening strategies to increase human resiliency

Fighting Misinformation and Covert Terrorism Groups on Social Media


  • Investigate how the misinformation propagate so quickly and widely into the network
  • What about Twitter and Facebook makes people so gullible and willing to believe anything?
  • Why do we feel the need to share information so rapidly without checking if it's true?
  • Monitoring scheme to spot viral misinformation at its early stage
  • Efficient strategies to limit misinformation propagation and to inject correcting information automatically.
  • Uncover covert pro-terrorist accounts, monitor and rank those accounts based on their influence.
  • Determine the order in which the accounts should be taken down to minimize the bad influence while keeping the false negative rate in range

Critical Infrastructures Resiliency and Interdependency


  • Identify critical components of critical infrastructure and the most devastating failure scenarios and their likelihood
  • Measure and model the interdependency among the network systems, e.g. effect of failures on power grid to communication systems and vice versa
  • Model and analyze cascading failures propagating inter- and intra- critical infrastructures
  • Network design to enhance the resiliency of the interdependent systems.
  • Smart Information Sharing in Online Space: Privacy vs. Visibility


    • Visualization tools to understand how sensitive information leak through online social networks
    • Smart solutions to aid users in whether or not she/he should share a certain information
    • Provide social networks users multiple trade-off levels between privacy and visibility
    • Automatically suggest an optimal set of friends to share the information that maximize the visibility while minimize the leakage risk.
    Source Code
    ***WARNING: We will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by using these codes***
    • [SSA/D-SSA Source Code] for SIGMOD'16 paper "Stop-and-Stare: Optimal Sampling Algorithms for Viral Marketing in Billion-scale Networks" (paper)
    • [BCT Source Code] for INFOCOM'16 paper "Cost-aware Targeted Viral Marketing in Billion-scale Networks" (paper)
    • [LISA Source Code] for CSoNet'15 paper "Social Influence Spectrum with Guarantees: Computing More in Less Time" (paper).
    • [LDF Source Code] for JSAC paper "Community Detection in Scale-free Networks: Approximation Algorithms for Maximizing Modularity" (paper).

    Current students

    • Hung T. Nguyen (PhD student, Fall'14)
    • Tri Nguyen (PhD student, Spring'16)


    • Kevin Bender (Highschool student, Summer'16)
    • Chase Keech (BS)
    • Marcangelo S. Dilinila (BS)
    • Carl Miranda (BS)
    • Symone' Berry (BS)
    • Ethan Cason (BS)
    • Steven Dayley (BS)
    • Mathew Hill (BS)
    • Taymon Coleman (Highschool student)
    • CMSC 491: Social Network Analysis & Cybersecurity Risks (Fall 2016)
    • CMSC 691: Advanced Social Network Analysis & Security (Spr 2016)
    • CMSC 501: Advanced Algorithms (Fall 2015)
    • EGNR 491: Advanced Problem Solving Techniques (ACM Programming) (Fall 2015)
    • CMSC 691: Advanced Social Network Analysis & Security (Spr 2015)
    • CMSC 491: Social Network Analysis & Cybersecurity Risks (Fall 2014)
    • CMSC 491: Complex Systems & Social Network Analysis (Fall 2013)
    Professional Services



    • "You Ain't Gonna Need It"
    • "Stay hungry, stay foolish" - Steve Jobs
    • "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein
    • "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." - Randy Pausch
    • "We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done." - Alan Turing
    • "I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun". - Thomas A. Edison