This page contains the links for the raw data used in the publication listed below. If you find the data useful, we would appreciate a citation of the work.

"Three-Way Data Analysis of Pollutant Degradation Profiles Monitored Using Liquid Chromatography-Diode Array Detection", J. Chemometrics, 1999, 13, 331,  K. B. Johnson, A. de Juan, and S. C. Rutan.

jchemom.mat     -     Matlab .mat file (v 4.2) containing the variables data (raw, 3-way data, wavelength, chromatographic time and reaction time).  These are also provided as ASCII files, given below. (Downloading this file seems to work best with Internet Explorer).

data.txt              -    ASCII file containing the raw 3-way data (525 x 157), 525=7 x 75 rows

waveleng.txt    -    ASCII file containing the wavelengths (157 x 1)

ctime.txt            -    ASCII file containing the chromatographic times (75 x 1)

rxntime.txt        -    ASCII file containing the reaction times (7 x 1)

The ASCII files are contained as variables in the jchemom.mat file.

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