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Research Interests.  Our research program focuses on understanding the fundamental features which control the properties of clusters.  One of the organizing principles in this work is the superatom concept, which allows the robust prediction of the stability and reactivity of clusters by assigning them an effective valence which is analogous forming a 3rd dimension of the periodic table.  We focus on understanding cluser assembled materials, magnetic properties, and reactivity, and have worked to understand and exploit these features.

 News and Highlights.

November 3, 2020. Prof. Khanna's book with Prof. Zhixun Luo has been published! Order Here!

November 3, 2020. Our paper on sintering resistant core-shell nanoparticles with Prof. Monnier and Prof. Regalbuto at USC has been published in ACS Catalysis.

July 24, 2020. Congratulations to BillieAnn Radcliffe on successfully defending her Master's Thesis.
 Recent Publications.
A Magnetic Superatomic Dimer with an Intense Internal Electric Field.
D. Bista, T. Sengupta, A.C. Reber, and S.N. Khanna. J. Phys. Chem. A, ASAP (2021).

Stabilization of Catalytic Surfaces through Core-Shell Structures: Ag-Ir/Al2O3 Case Study.

M. Parizad, A.P. Wong, A.C. Reber, J.M.M. Tengco, S.G. Karakalos, S.N. Khanna, J.R. Regalbuto, J.R. Monnier. ACS Cataylsis 10 13352-13363 (2020).
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