Calculus II 
Quiz #3 
February 27, 2002
R.  Hammack 
Score ______

(1) Use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to evaluate the following integrals. Simpify your answer as much as possible.
(a)  [Graphics:Images/quiz3sol_gr_1.gif]

(b)   [Graphics:Images/temp_gr_1.gif]

(c)  [Graphics:Images/quiz3sol_gr_4.gif]

(d) [Graphics:Images/quiz3sol_gr_7.gif]

  Find the area of the region under the graph of   [Graphics:Images/quiz3sol_gr_17.gif]between [Graphics:Images/quiz3sol_gr_18.gif]  and   [Graphics:Images/quiz3sol_gr_19.gif].

(3) Suppose [Graphics:Images/quiz3sol_gr_22.gif]   Find the interval(s) on which F increases, and the interval(s) on which F decreases.