Calculus I 
Quiz # 8
November 8, 2002
R.  Hammack 
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(1) The following function is one-to-one. Find its inverse.  [Graphics:Images/quiz8sol_gr_1.gif]


(2)   The graph of a one-to-one function f(x) is drawn. Sketch the graph of  [Graphics:Images/quiz8sol_gr_10.gif].
Reflecting across the line y = x (dashed) gives the graph of  [Graphics:Images/quiz8sol_gr_11.gif] (sketched in red).


(3) Decide if the following functions are invertible. Explain your reasoning.

(a) [Graphics:Images/quiz8sol_gr_13.gif]



(b)  [Graphics:Images/quiz8sol_gr_15.gif]