Calculus I
Quiz # 5
October 7, 2002

R.  Hammack 
Score ______

(1) In this problem,  [Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_1.gif].  Use a limit to find the slope of the tangent to the graph of f(x) at the point [Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_2.gif].

slope = [Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_3.gif] = [Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_4.gif]= [Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_5.gif] [Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_6.gif][Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_7.gif][Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_8.gif][Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_9.gif][Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_10.gif][Graphics:Images/quiz5sol_gr_11.gif]

(2)   The graph of a function  f (x)  is sketched below.  Using the same coordinate axis,  sketch a graph of the derivative f '(x).


The derivative is drawn in red. My graphing program insisted on drawing the vertical portion of the graph at x = -5. That should not be there. f '(-5) is not defined.Thus, there should be a break in the red (derivative) graph at  x = -5.