Your portfolio should include the following material that you have produced over the semester.



1. Models of the 3-D Platonic polyhedra
2. Models of 3-D Archemedean polyhedra
3. 3-D model of the hypercube
4. Drawing of a hypercube. (labled with relevant information)
5. Drawing of the 16-cell (labled with relevant information)
6. Computation of the vertices of the 4-D simplex
7. Drawing of the 4-D simplex. (labled with relevant information)
8. Drawing of the 24-cell. (labled with relevant information)
9. Drawing of truncated 4-D simplex
10. Drawing of deeply truncated 4-D simplex
11. Computer animation of the hypercube
12. Computer animation of the 4-D simplex
13. Computer animation of the 16-cell
14. Computer animation of the 24-cell
15. Computer animation of truncated 4-D simplex
16. Computer animation of deeply truncated 4-D simplex
17. Computer animation or drawing of one other truncated 4-D polyhedron