In the second half of the semester you will present one 20 minute talk on a topic of your choice. Your topic can be the same as that of your term paper, or it can be something entirely different.

Midsemester we will spend one class day discussing speaking tips.

In advance of your talk, I will ask you for two documents: An abstract and an outline.

The Abstract is a short (one or two paragraph) description of what you plan to talk about. You do not have to go into much detail, just give a broad outline. You may wish to look at our invited speakers' abstracts to get an idea of the tone and length appropriate for your own abstract.

Your abstract is due two weeks prior to your presentation (at the latest). Please give me a paper copy of your abstract. I will make some comments on it, and possibly suggest revisions. When you get it back please make the revisions and send me an electronic copy of your revised abstract so I can place it on the MATH 490 web page. Once you've done this, I'll give you a grade for the abstract.

The Outline is a written version of the content of your talk. If you are using PowerPoint, a paper copy of your slides will suffice as an outline. Alternatively, you may submit copies of transparencies or a typed outline. This is due no later than one week before your talk. I will review your outline and give you some written feedback.

For a model, click here for slides for a 20 minute talk that I gave in April. Here are some slides for a 10 minute talk from several years ago.

Your outline is due one week prior to your presentation.


Tips. Here are links to some guidlines for giving math talks, compiled by various mathematicians and academics:

Jonathan Shewchuk
Bruce Randall Donald
Joe Gallian (Advice on using powerpoint)
Joe Gallian (Advice on using transparencies)
Grading. The following rubric will be used in grading your presentation.

MATH 490 Presentation
Mathematical Content (75 points)
The mathematical content of your talk was substantial and accurate.

Presentation (75 points)
Your topic was presented clearly and was interesting and engaging. You made good use of media (Powerpoint, chalkboard, etc.).

Total Points: