MATH 122

Use the ideas discussed in class to create your own Escher-type tessellation. Your tessellation should feature some definite and recognizable motif (animal, figure, plant, etc.) and the images should fit together and interlock so as to leave no negative space. (You will probably have to do a good bit of scratch work before coming up with a usable pattern.) You may use any medium, but be sure the image extends far enough so that the repetitive patterns are clearly visible.

Please be sure that the grid that your tessellation is based on is still visible in your finished product. (Or provide some means of showing me how the grid fits your drawing. For example, you could provide the grid on a transparent overlay.) I will need to see the grid when evaluating the mathematical basis of your work.

Grades will be awarded on the basis of visual appeal, cleverness, originality, mathematical accuracy and complexity.
Here are some samples of student work for this assignment. (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Ed Gross, 2010

Sean Ruecroft, 2013

Brian Bjorkman, 2010

Laurence Babilya, 2010
John Dombroski,  Good Cop / Bad Cop, 2009

Jenny Platt, 2010

Evelyn Fisher, 2009

Bradley Johnson, 2008

Robert Munro, 2009

Jenny Novak, 2009

Liz Cawrse, 2009

Eleni Kanakis, 2008

Eric Neff, 2008

Adam Hyatt, 2009