MATH 122

In class we looked at examples of invertible calligraphy (ambigrams) by Scott Kim, John Langdon and others. Create your own example using any kind of symmetry you desire (rotation, vertical reflection, etc.). Consider using your name or a phrase that has special significance to you.

Alternatively, create an invertible work of art in the spirit of Peter Newell or Gustave Verbeek.

As usual, the work you hand in should be yours and yours alone. There are numerous ambigram generators on the web. They are fun to play with, but I will not grade any work that I notice has been created this way.

Below you will find examples of student work for this assignment from various semesters.

Above, right: Ambigrams by Scott Kim

David Mizelle, 2009

Mia Tankersley, 2009

Tyler Rhodes, 2010

Michael Guedri, 2008

Bradley Johnson, 2008

Kristin Totoritis, 2008

Jenny Novak, 2009

John Dombrowski (Embrace Life), 2009

Adam Shipp