Math 121
Perspective Geometry
Assignment #4

You've been drawing lots of rooms with tiled floors. Now draw a room (with a tiled floor) filled with furniture and emellished with architectural features. Everything should be in correct perspective. Feel free to employ shading or color if you wish (i.e. it doesn't have to be a line drawing) or add human figures if desired. However, you will probably want to keep your furniture rectangular in order to more easily draw it in perspective.

Use any of the Albertian techniques that we have discussed in class. You may also want to consider the two-point constructions that we talked about. But whatever techniques you use, everything should be done in correct perspective. This should be a relatively finished drawing, so feel free to erase or hide your construction lines.

Following are examples of student work for this assignment.

Derek Cavanaugh, 2008

Don DiFiore , 2010

Jarred Cullum , 2009

Anna Hendrick, 2009

Sung Mi Lee, 2010

Abigail Larson, 2009

I-Hsun Wu, 2009

Maia Sanders, 2009

Andrea Gasapo, 2009