Lawrenceville, Virginia
Richard Hammack
Associate Professor

Virginia Commonwealth University
Department of Mathematics
and Applied Mathematics

1015 Floyd Ave.
P.O. Box 842014
Richmond, VA 23284-2014
4105 Harris Hall

(804) 828-6237
(fax: 828-8785)
rhammack @ vcu . edu

Curriculum vitae
Spring 2014 Schedule
    • MATH 307
    • MATH 504
    • Handbook of Product Graphs
    • Book of Proof
This postcard of Lawrenceville, Virginia, my home town, probably dates from the1950's or early 1960's. As the back of the card suggests, Lawrenceville did once have a thriving economy. Today most of its storefronts are vacant; still it remains a significant part of my identity.