Dr. Robert H. Gowdy

Associate Professor
Physics Department
Virginia Commonwealth University

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Spring 2022 Course Syllabi

PHYS103 001 Elementary Astronomy Syllabus 001
PHYS103 002 Elementary Astronomy Syllabus 002

Cosmology Lecture

Black Hole Talk

Gowdy Spacetimes. Scholarpedia, 9(3):31673.

Talk given to Senior Seminar: Introduction to General Relativity

VCU Physics Colloquium, Sept. 30, 2005
Gravitational Waves in a Box

VCU Physics Colloquium, Sept. 8, 2014
Watching the Big Bang: Have primordial gravitational waves been detected?

Paper given at GRG18 in Sydney, July 8-14, 2007
Cylindrical gravitational waves in an expanding universe

In my spare time (if any):
RSARDA: Richmond Square and Round Dancing Association

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