Program Details
Education in England is structured differently than in the US. Students in England enter university with a specific major and will only take courses in that major. For this reason, the class schedules at UWE do not typically allow the flexibility of taking courses outside your major. A typical undergraduate education in England lasts for three years instead of four. The expectation is that you would spend your junior year in England. This would mean that you have had a broad enough background in introductory math and stats courses to succeed in their second year courses. The courses at UWE last for the entire year so it is not possible to only attend for a semester.

Accommodation Details
While at UWE you will be given the option to live on campus in student housing. Math and Stats courses are taught on the Frenchay Campus and there is nice, new housing there.

There are the normal facilities:
And there is much better public transportation:

Further Information
  • Please come speak with Dr.Rebecca Segal
  • Or check out the Office of Internation Education

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