Spring 2010

Tea follows at 2:00

  Date Time Room Speaker (click on title for abstract)
Fri. Feb. 5 1:00–2:00 Harris 4119 David Chan
Spread of Disease
Fri. Feb. 19 1:00–2:00 Harris 4119 Wes Cain
Speed versus robustness in feed-forward biochemical reaction networks
Fri. Mar. 12 1:00–2:00 Harris 4119 Cheng Ly
University of Pittsburgh
Mathematical Neuroscience: stochastic neural behavior
Fri. Mar. 19 1:00–2:00 Harris 4119 Spring Break
Fri. Apr. 2 1:00–2:00 Harris 4119 Sterling Thomas
VCU, Center for the Study of Biological Complexity
Fri. Apr. 16 1:00–2:00 Harris 4119 Laura McLay
VCU, Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research
Optimal Emergency Medical Service Dispatching Policies
Fri. Apr. 30 1:00–2:00 Harris 4119 Mark Reimers
VCU, Department of Biostatistics

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