Ramana Pidaparti
Multi-scale Modeling of Respiratory Airway Mechanics for Cellular Inflammation

Incidences of respiratory failure in US are about 137-253 per 100,000 US residences with mortality rates of these patients are about 36%-44%. Mechanical ventilation (MV) is a method that partially or fully assists patients whose respiratory systems fails to achieve a gas exchange function. The overall goal of our research efforts is to develop a multi-scale model of cellular inflammation in compliant lung geometry for mechanical ventilation in healthy and diseased lungs. The multi-scale modeling approach consists of developing multi-scale (organ, tissue and cellular levels) models for cellular inflammation during mechanical ventilation. Results obtained from the computational simulations at multiple levels will be used to develop correlations that will be capable of testing the outcomes of various mechanical ventilation strategies with respect to airway pressures and stress parameters to minimize the potential for damage to the lung. This presentation discusses multi-scale model development and some preliminary results obtained from the models.

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