Epiphanie Nyirabahizi
Bayesian approaches for estimation of tolerable region in multiple endpoints and multiple hazards exposure

Determining Benchmark Dosages (BMD) is of interest to toxicologists and risk assessors. Often data come from experiments with multiple chemicals and multiple endpoints. Current methodology evaluates each chemical and endpoint separately resulting in multiple statistical tests consequently inflating Type I error rates. Methods to adjust for multiple comparisons such as Bonferroni correction are subject to reducing the power to detect effects of interest. We introduced a Bayesian approach for both multiple endpoints and multiple chemical data into a single unified model. This model is estimated using MCMC in WinBugs and R. Inferences on the endpoint model and chemical effects are done via Bayes' factors. Using this method, and the benchmark dose method, a 95% estimation of a Bayesian' safe exposure region is computed.

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