Fantasy Project                                                                                                Dae Kim


            For my fantasy project I would like to create a new form of art.  This project mostly deals with body sensors.  These body sensors can calculate the motion and speed of the body movements, can calculate the temperature of the body, and also can calculate the tensing of the muscles in the body.

            Integrating these sensors with a giant screen where visual effects can take place is the basic concept for this new form of art.  Depending on the type of movement (slow or fast), the temperature (rising and dropping), and the tensing of certain part of the muscles will effect the visual in the screen.  For example, if the body’s muscles tenses up, the color or context of the body may change visually on screen.  There may also be a bright glow or shine as the temperature rises or drops in the body.  Also moving slow or fast may change the visual theater.  This is a live video art. 

            I have also seen on the history channel how they can implant a chip in a brain and it could analyze what the brain is trying to think.  It is like mechanical telepathy.  One man in this experiment can control a mechanical hand by thinking about moving his hand.  This also can be integrated into this new form of video art.







 Brain Implant