A Summary of Works in Different Stages of Progress         

Puneet Prakash

Assistant Professor


Contact Information                                               

Office Address – 1015, Floyd Avenue, Room 3147, Richmond, VA, 23284

Office Phone – (804) – 828 - 7180

Email – ppraks@gmail.com




Works in Progress

1. Absolute or Relative? What standards do rating agencies follow?

2. Noise in Ratings: Not Entirely Random

3. Diversification vs. Insolvency Put: A model for insurance companies

4. Disconnectedness, Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem and Terrorism Risk

5. Are synergies between banks and insurers hyped? Evidence from Citigroup-Travelers divestiture

6. Efficient calculation methodologies for Value at Risk (VaR) measure: A comparative study for the Indian and US financial markets























Research working paper