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Fall 2016

BNFO 591 Genome Biology

This course provides a survey of genome biology, including genome sequencing, genome evolution, genomic medicine, proteomics etc. The focus will be more on integrative aspects of genome and proteome function rather than genome analysis and single genes (or proteins). You will learn why humans are different from each other, why genomes cause cancer, and how we may re-engineer our genome to reach immortality (without cancer, of course). This course is part lecture, part computer lab with bioinformatics exercises. Students will also spend significant time working on Wikipedia pages they select.

Time: TBD
Place: Harris 3104 (conference room)

Students: Undergraduates + graduate students
Prerequisites: undergraduate course in cell biology, molecular biology, genetics or microbiology."

For bioinformatics students, it will count as a bioinformatics elective. Undergraduates in the Computational or Quantitative/Statistics tracks should confirm with Dr. Herschell Emery how the course would apply to your electives requirements.

Materials required: none.

However, the course will be guided to some extent by Campbell & Heyer (2007) Discovering Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics, Pearson, but we will write our own textbook in Wikipedia, using current research articles.

More detailed syllabus (pdf)