We are approaching a fundamental shift in computational era as the number of smart edge devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart glasses, smart meters, connected vehicles, etc.) is expected to exceed 4 billion by the end of 2018. Recent surveys on mobile consumers show that these edge devices become the significant source for wireless data access as well as data generation. While edge devices generate a vast amount of valuable data, the same devices also offer a massive infrastructure for computing. Similarly, smartphones already possess more storage capacity than all servers combined. For example, it is expected that the collective computing and storage capacity of smartphones will surpass all worldwide servers by 2017. Moreover, it is expected that individual devices will exhibit server-like features in the coming decade.

The rapid growth of peer sharing businesses have shown that individuals are increasingly willing to share their homes, cars, and even meals when they are rewarded for it. It is reasonable, then, to infer that the owners of the devices will be willing to share their data and infrastructure in return for a reward. Moreover, the explosion of edge devices coupled with a growing proliferation of cloud-based applications, requires a new breed of intelligent edge computing infrastructures to deliver optimal performance to a variety of users, devices and applications sharing the network edge.

SmartEdge'19 aims at bringing together experts from several research communities spanning pervasive & mobile computing, wireless networks, embedded systems, Internet of Things, big data, and data analytics to discuss data needs and interests, challenges to be addressed, tools to be developed, and new research problems on edge wireless infrastructure, edge mobile systems, rich set data accessed or generated by edge devices and the Internet of Things.

SmartEdge'19 Co-Chairs
Tamer Nadeem, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Glenn Ricart, US Ignite, USA