I was born on January 24, 1944, in Kansas City, Missouri, and grew up in eastern Kansas, mostly in the suburbs around KC. In 1966 I graduated from the University of Kansas, then went to graduate school at Ohio State. Since 1971 I’ve been teaching English at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

I’ve been married to the same woman, Linda, since 1969. We have fourteen children.

Aside from academic articles and chapters, I've written newspaper reviews and magazine articles, speeches and reports, handbooks and interviews, mostly for university related publications and state/local markets. I'm a regular contributor to Richmond's NORTHSIDE MAGAZINE.


Samples of Recent Essays

orange bulletThoughts on a Wedding, A Funeral, and a Bar-Mitzvah (on-line article in Perspective, April, 1995)

Porches, Swings, and Porchswings (from Northside Magazine, April, 1995. With Permission)

orange bulletLightning Bugs (from Northside Magazine, July, 1997. With Permission)

Hands (from Northside Magazine, January, 1998. With Permission)



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