VCU Discrete Mathematics Seminar
Spring 2021

All Seminars Will Take Place on Zoom
Meeting ID: 929 757 99914
Password: A length 10 word formed from the word "graphs" (all lower case) followed by the smallest 4 prime numbers.
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Title (Click for abstract if available)
Wed. Feb. 3 1:00p-1:50 Neal Bushaw (VCU) A Gentle Introduction to Extremal Graph Theory
Wed. Feb. 10 1:00p-1:50 Oliver Janzer (ETH Zurich) The Turan number of blow-ups of graphs
Wed. Feb. 17 1:00p-1:50 Amites Sarkar (Western Washington Univ.) On a Conjecture of Nagy on Extremal Densities
Wed. Feb. 24 1:00p-1:50 Puck Rombach (Vermont) Rainbow Saturation
Wed. Mar. 3 1:00p-1:50 Ryan Martin (Iowa State) Extremal theorems on posets
Wed. Mar. 10 1:00p-1:50 Cory Palmer (Montana) A survey of Berge-Turan hypergraph problems
Wed. Mar. 17 1:00p-1:50 Ron Gould (Emory) Chorded Cycles
Wed. Mar. 24 1:00p-1:50 Ron Gould (Emory) The Oddball's Oddball: The Unusual Life of Paul Erdos
Wed. Mar. 31 1:00p-1:50 Carl Feghali (Charles University) Colorings and decompositions of planar graphs.
Wed. Apr. 7 1:00p-1:50 Kathie Cameron (Wilfrid Laurier University) Parity Theorems about Paths, Cycles and Trees.
Wed. Apr. 14 1:00p-1:50 Rob Morris (IMPA) Erdos covering systems

Wed. Apr. 21 1:00p-1:50 Glenn Hurlbert (VCU)

Wed. Apr. 28 1:00p-1:50 Nandor Sieben (Northern Arizona Univ.)

Wed. May. 5 1:00p-1:50 Hudson Lafayette (VCU)

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