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I grew up in North Andover Massachusetts, where I attended the Center School  and played a little baseball. I graduated from Andover in 1954 (Here are a few pictures from my 45th reunion) and Wesleyan University in 1958 (more reunion pictures!). After getting an MA in mathematics at Dartmouth I studied mathematical statistics and mathematical modelling in the social sciences at Columbia University (Ph.D. 1970). Before coming to VCU I was an assistant professor of sociology at Cornell University.

I retired from VCU in January 2005, and was awarded emeritus status by the College and University. I am still living in Richmond and remain in touch with my departments. I plan to teach categorical data analysis, STATISTICS 623, in the summer of 2006.

Among the courses I developed and taught  regularly were the jointly listed introductory courses for graduate students in social science disciplines, SOC/STA 508 and SOC/STA 608. Although the courses will change when taught by other faculty, I will leave these course descriptions online in the hope that some readers will find them interesting.

The first course has no prerequisite and introduces the basic language of statistical data analysis and probabilistic concepts such as confidence and significance. In the second, techniques such as chisquare tests, one way ANOVA, and regression analysis are discussed, with particular emphasis on the analysis of surveys and other observational studies. These courses also introduce students to the Windows version of SPSS. Writing up results of data analysis is a central part of the courses, and in fact were the basis for most of the grading.

I invite you to read and comment on some short papers I have written.

Subgroup Regression Using Indicator Variables
When Is A Ratio A Rate?
Notes On Estimating Rates Of Participation
Lies, Damn Lies, and Media Pundits
Notes on Truth, Evidence and Statistics
Latent Structure Analysis at 50

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