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Technology Coordinator
Blackbird Senior Online Editor
M.A. Keller
Department of English
900 Park Avenue, Hibbs 317
Richmond, VA 23284-2005
mkeller at vcu dot edu

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abaculi (blog)
found digital texts & images, material scans,
& occasional snapshots—
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family scans (blog)
scans of photographs, documents, & keepsakes
from family in West Virginia—
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     volume 12 number 2
     including my presentation of
     Julian Street’s Why I Became a Cubist


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recent publication   raw (reading and writing) new media. eds. cheryl ball and james kalmbach.
      "megan sapnar's 'car wash' as a new media sonnet"
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Because my previous landmarks would  not stand still, I have had to learn to measure my progress differently.
—Michael Joyce, Of Two Minds

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