Selected papers on the modeling of ecosytems:

Mikulecky, D.C.(1991) Network Thermodynamics:A Unifying Approach to the Description of Dynamic, Nonlinear, Living Systems in Network Approaches to Ecosystems Theory (J. Burns and I. Hagashi, eds) Cambridge Univ. Press, pp71-100.

Mikulecky, D.C., Network Thermodynamics in Biology and Ecology: An Introduction,in Ecosystem theory for biological oceanography (R. E. Ulanowicz and T. Platt eds.) Canadian Bull. Fisheries & Aquatic Sci. 231:163-175,1985.

Selected papers on pharmacokinetics:

Thakker, K.M., J. H. Wood and D. C. Mikulecky: Dynamic Simulation of Pharma- cokinetic Systems Using the Electrical Circuit Analysis Program SPICE2. Comput. Prog. Biomed 15, 61-72 (1982).

Thakker, K.M. and D.C. Mikulecky. Modeling and Simulation of the Nonlinear Dose- Plasma Concentration Response of Phenylbutazone on Periodic Multiple Oral Dosing: A Mechanistic Approach. Mathematical Modelling, 7:1181-1186 (1986).

On Scientific Literacy:

Mikulecky, D. C. (1992) Scientific Literacy or Scientific Orthodoxy? Why Won't Dick or Jane Posit? VCU Teaching 5:20-22.

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