Endogenous causes and bizarre effects

Why should we be concerned with endogenous systems, impredicative models, or bizarre effects?

Bad guessing => Disastrous results

Are there questions that traditional methods cannot answer?

We must distinguish events from their descriptions

Rosen’s modeling relation is a mathematical formalism that uses entailments to describe this distinction

Entailment?  What’s an entailment?

To appreciate causal entailment, consider a LTI digital filter

We can design an adaptive filter, one that updates its own transfer function

Nothing stops us from entailing an entailment

But does it really leave us better off than before?

Can we appeal to biology to find a constraint to stop the infinite regress?

Organisms can be distinguished as a category of endogenous systems
closed to efficient cause

Replication and evolution are not the key distinguishing features of life

In a simple (reducible or mechanistic) system (P -> Rn) causes are distinct and unentangled

Processes of life and mind are observed to have closed loops of causality

To appreciate function, start with a heterogeneous system

In a simple system, removing a part produces a direct difference

In a complex system, removing a part practically always changes everything

In a complex system all the parts are functional components

The difference between the systems defines the component

The difference between the behaviors of the systems defines the function of the component

A functional component interacts with its system and the overall environment

The wonder of it all is that this can be described mathematically

A mapping between entailments is more general than a mapping between lists of numbers

God said        

and there was
 a Big Bang

Bizarre behavior is counterintuitive, 
completely real, and engineerable

Major practical consequence, function is entangled or non-local; like a pair of “magic coins”

Bateson: Meaning is neither in a sign nor its referent; meaning resides in the correspondence between them

Generative grammar (law for transforming strings into deep structure or meaning) is incomputable

Chomsky would be horrified by the correspondence between his theory and Aristotelian causality

Language is a bizarre effect of an endogenous system

Can the Hand of Man make a semantic (extracts meaning) artifact? Yes… ,

If this way were easy, wouldn’t everybody be doing it?

Another  bizarre consequence of causal entailment in complex systems is anticipatory behavior

There appears to be a hierarchy of complex effects with high complexity functions emerging from lower complexity

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