Moa Apagodu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Virginia Commonwealth University
Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
1001 West main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23284
Phone 804 828 5984
e-mail : mapagodu  [at] vcu [dot] edu


Past Teaching:    Differential Equations (Math 301),  Introduction to Combinatorics (Math 525) , Analysis I (Math 507), Analysis II (Math 508),
                          Calculus I (Math 200), Calculus II (Math 201), Calculus III (Math 307), Mathematical Structures (Math 211).

Current Teaching:   Mathematical Structure (Math 211) and  Differential Equations (Math 301).


Ph.D.  Rutgers University - The State University of New Jersey.
Temple University.
.  Addis Ababa University.
Ph.D. Adviser :   Professor  Doron Zeilberger

Research Interest

Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, Computer Algebra/Algorithmic Proof Methods, and Experimental Mathematics.


1. Searching for Strange Identities with Sheer Brute Force, (2008),  With Doron Zeilberger,  Appeared in INTEGERS, 8(2008), A36.

2. FIVE Applications of Wilf-Zeilberger Theory to Enumeration and Combinatorics, with Doron Zeilberger,  Computer Alebra 2006Latest Advance in Symbolic Algorithms,  edited by Ilias Kotsireas and Eugene Zima, (2007).

3. Counting Hexagonal Lattice Animals Confined to a Strip, with Stirling Chow, submitted.

4. Multi-variable Zeilberger and Alkumvist-Zeilberger Algorithms and the Sharpening of Wilf-Zeilberger Theory, with Doron Zeilberger, Adv. Appl. Math. 37(2006)(Special Regev issue), 139-152.

5. Infinite Families of Accelerating Series for some Classical Constants Using Markoc-WZ-Method, J. Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, 7, No 1(2005), 11-24.

6. The q-Markov-Method, Annals of Combinatorics, 9(2005), 205-221.

7. Sharp Upper Bounds for the Order of The Recurrence Outputted by the Zeilberger and q-Zeilberger Algorithms, with Doron Zeilberger, J. of Symbolic Computation, 39(2005), 201-207.

8. The Markov-WZ-Method, with Doron Zeilberger, Elect. J. of Combinatorics, V11(1), R53.8. A

Personal Journal

1. One-parameter generalizations of Ramanujan's Formul for pi. pdf

2.     Nineteen Strange 2F1  identities accompaning the article " Searching for Strange identities by Sheer Brute Force "  Nineteen


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