Fall 2012 MATH 310-003 Linear Algebra


Professor: Marco Aldi

Office: Harris Hall 4162

Office Hours: Tu 3:30-4:30, W 11:30-12:45 and by appointment

Lectures: TuTh 11:00-12:15; 500 Academic Center, Room 0114

Prerequisites: MATH 201 or permission of the instructor


You may use either one of the following:

There is virtually no difference in content between the fifth and seventh edition, but there might be a significant difference in price. I encourage you to look for used copies, if you can find them.

Goals and Expectations:


The first miderm is on the material covered up to that point. The second midterm is on the material covered after the first miderm. The final exam is comprehensive.

Each test contains a part in which you are asked to reproduce various definitions and statement of theorems introduced during the lectures. This is to make sure that you are familiar with the language of the course. As a consequence, all tests are closed-book and closed-notes. All electronic devices must be switched off during the exams.


Assignment are posted on Blackboard on Thursdays. Homework is due at the end of each Thursday lecture, one week after it has been assigned. Late homework will not be accepted.

Each homework assignment consists of several problems taken from the textbook, a selection of which will be graded and returned to you.


Your course grade will be computed according to the following weights:

There will be no make up exams. If you miss the first midterm, the grade of your second midterm will be doubled. If you miss the second midterm, the grade of your final exam will be doubled. Missing both midterms or the final will result in a failing grade.

The two lowest homework grades will be dropped. Your total homework grade is the sum of the remaining homework points. Each missing homework after the second will count as zero.

Office Hours:

Office hours are an important part of this course. Attendance is not required but strongly encouraged. If my office door is open it means you are welcome to drop by and ask me math-related questions. If you would like to meet outside office hours please send me an email to schedule an appointment.

Course Description:

MATH 310 is a first introduction to linear algebra and its applications. The material covers: systems of linear equations, matrix operations, determinants, vector spaces, linear dependence, bases, dimensions, linear mappings, eigenvalues, diagonal form. Applications are illustrated through examples and homework assignments.

Special arrangements:

Students registered with VCU Disability Support Services (DSS) should contact me during the first week of class in order to arrange suitable academic adjustemets or accommodatinos. I may not be able to accommodate later requests.

See also www.specialservices.vcu.edu/disabilityss/ .

Military students receiving orders for short-term tranining or deployment are asked to inform and present their orders to Military Student Services and to the instructor.

Student athletes must provide the instructor with their schedule during the first week of class so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

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