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Editor: Southern Economic Journal

NSF Acknowledgement

The research below is based in part on work supported by the 
National Science Foundation under Grant Numbers BCS 0904695, SBE-9973731,
and SBE-0527534. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations 
expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily
 reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


You can download most papers in PDF format. (I am in the process of updating the files, so some links might not work.)

Papers in Mechanism Design and Experimental Economics

·       Taking Aversion (2016) (with Oleg Korenok and Edward Millner) Submitted to the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. PDF

·       Feelings of Ownership and Allocation in Dictator Games (2016) (with Oleg Korenok and Edward Millner) Submitted to the Journal of Economic Psychology. PDF

·       Nudging Museums Attendance: A Field Experiment with High School Teens (2016) (with Marco Mariani and Patrizia Lattarulo) Forthcoming in the Journal of Cultural Economics. PDF

·       An Experimental Study of Traffic Congestion and Route Choice (2014) (with Emmanuel Dechenaux and Shakun Datta Mago) Experimental Economics, 17, 461-487. DOI: 10.1007/s10683-013-9378-4. PDF

·       Taking, Giving, and Impure Altruism in Dictator Games (2014) (with Oleg Korenok and Edward Millner) Experimental Economics, 17, 488-500. DOI: 10.1007/s10683-013-9379-3.PDF Instructions Data

·       Impure Altruism in Dictators’ Giving (with Oleg Korenok and Edward Millner) (2012) Journal of Public Economics, 97, 1-8. PDF Instructions Data

·       Are Dictators Averse to Inequality? (with Oleg Korenok and Edward Millner) (2012) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 82(2-3), 543-47. PDF Instructions Data

·       Traffic Congestion Mitigation: Combining Engineering and Economic Perspectives (with Sudipta Sarangi, Kostas Triantis and Dusan Teodorovic) (2011), Transportation Planning and Technology, 34(7), 637-645.PDF

·       An Experimental Evaluation of the Serial Cost Sharing Rule (with Robert Dorsey and Michael Reksulak) (2007) Theory and Decision, Springer, vol. 63(3), 283-314. PDF

·       Congestion Allocation for Distributed Networks: An Experimental Study (with Yan Chen and Ted. Turocy,) (2007), Economic Theory, 33, 121-143. PDF

·       Raising Revenues for Charity: Auctions versus Lotteries (with Doug Davis, Robert Reilly, Bart Wilson) in D.D. Davis and R. Mark Isaac (eds.) Research in Experimental Economics, vol 11. “Experiments Investigating Fundraising and Charitable Contributors.” JAI Press, New York. PDF

·       Explaining Overbidding in First Price Auctions Using Controlled Lotteries (with Robert Dorsey), (2003) Experimental Economics, 6, 123-140. PDF

·       The Conservative Equal Costs Rule, the Serial Cost Sharing Rule and the Pivotal Mechanism: Asymptotic Welfare Loss Comparisons for the Case of an Excludable Public Project (with Rajat Deb and T.K. Seo), (2006), Review of Economic Design 10 (3), 205-32.

·       Strategy-Proof Cost Sharing, Ability to Pay and Free Provision of an Indivisible Public Good (with Rajat Deb and Tae Kun Seo) (2003) Mathematical Social Sciences, 45, vol. 2, 205-227. PDF

·       Auction-Like Mechanisms for Pricing Excludable Public Goods. (with Rajat Deb) (1999), Journal of Economic Theory, 88, 340-68.

·       Voluntary Cost Sharing for an Excludable Public Project (with Rajat Deb), (1999), Mathematical Social Sciences, 37, 123-38.

Papers on Terrorism and Corruption

·       The Indirect Ethics of AIG’s ‘Backdoor Bailout’ (with Daniel G. Arce) (2015) Journal of Business Ethics. PDF

·       The Paradox of Misaligned Profiling (with Charles Holt, Andrew Kydd and Roman Sheremeta) (2014) Journal of Conflict Resolution, 60(3), 482-500. DOI: 10.1177/0022002714545223. PDF Instructions

·       The Evolution of Revolution: Is Splintering Inevitable? (with Atin Basu) (2012)  PDF

·       Hiding in Plain Sight: Using Signals to Detect Terrorists (with Atin Basu) (2006) Public Choice 128, 245-55.PDF       

·       No Pretense to Honesty: County Government Corruption in Mississippi (with Gohan Karahan William Shughart) (2006) Economics of Governance 7, 211-27.  PDF

·       Centralized versus Decentralized Decision-Making in a County Government Setting. (with Gohan Karahan William Shughart) (2003) Economics of Governance 3, 101-15.

Papers on Health Care

·       Speaking the same language before starting the conversation: Understanding the literacy levels and risk attitudes of uninsured Virginians eligible for health insurance exchanges. (with Andrew Barnes, Edward Millner), (2013).


·       Understanding Patients' Valuation of Genetic Risk Information. (with Andrew Barnes, Edward Millner), (2013).

Other Current Papers

·       Production and Gains from Trade (with Anderson L., E. Blanchard, K. Chaston, C. Holt, and R. Singleton), 2(2008) Perspectives on Economic Education Research, Spring, 4(1).

·       Postcards from the NSF (with Matthew O. Jackson). PDF

·       The Returns to Seniority in the Labor Market for Academic Economists (with Gregory N. Price). PDF

Curriculum Vitae

    You can view my CV here.


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