Lynda S. Hodgson
Assistant Professor, Information Systems
Virginia Commonwealth University

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Box 844000

Richmond, VA 23284-4000

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Research Interests

Technology Acceptance

IS Strategy Planning

Systems Analysis and Design tools

IT Project Management


Ph.D Information Systems, 1999

MBA 1989

B.S Information Systems 1984


Hodgson, L., P. Aiken and L. Williams (paper in progress). "A Technology Acceptance Model Targeted Toward Mandated technology change".

Hodgson, L., A. James Wynne, and H. R. Weistroffer (2007). "Enhancing Student Learning in the Teaching of Systems Analysis and Design Using Earned Value Analysis. The 2007 Southeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference

Hodgson, L., A. James Wynne, and H. R. Weistroffer (2006). Enhanced Student Learning in the Systems Analysis and Design Course Using Earned Value Analysis. Accepted for publication at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute.

Wynne, A. James, H. R. Weistroffer, G. Saunders and L. Hodgson (2005). “Project Management Design and Construction Within an Experiential Framework for Teaching Information Systems Development” The 2005 Southeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference

Hodgson, L. and D. LaRue (2005) "Harnessing Multimedia And Interactive-Assessment Technologies To Promote And Evaluate Cognitive Progression And Critical Thinking In The Classroom" International Journal of Case Method Research and Application (Vol 3) 330 - 335.

Hodgson, L and Ford, L. (2004) "Using Digital Knowledge Management Tools to Influence Supply Chain Dynamics: Case Study of the Pitfalls and Unexpected Issues Encountered by a Large Organization." International Journal of Knowledge Culture and Change Management (Vol. 4).

Hodgson, L., White, E., Blue, J., Boone, L. and Whittier, C. (2003) "Utilizing on-line and traditional teaching methods concurrently: Student preferences and impacts on performance" Proceeedings of the 2004 Teaching and Learning Conference. Orlando FL.

Hodgson, L. (1999). Organizational change through the mandated implementation of new information systems: A modified Technology Acceptance Model. Richmond, Va, Virginia Commonwealth University: 192.

Billings, J., Hodgson, L. and Aiken, P. (1999). The BRIDGE: A toolkit approach to reverse engineering systems metadata in support of migration to enterprise software." Advances in Conceptual Modeling: Proceedings ER '99. P.P. Chen (ed.) Berlin, Germany, Springer-Verlag: 134-148.

Aiken, P. and L. Hodgson (1998). “Synergy between business process and systems reengineering.” Information Systems Management (Fall): 55-67

Hodgson, L. and P. Aiken (1998). "Organizational change enabled by mandated implementation of new information systems technology: A modified technology acceptance model". 1998 ACM SIGCPR, Boston, MA, ACM Press.

Hodgson, L. and P. Aiken (1997). "Synergistic Dependence Between Analysis Techniques". 9th Software Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Hodgson, L. and P. Aiken (1996). "Synergistic dependencies: The role of information technologies in business process reengineering and systems reengineering". 5th Reengineering forum, St. Louis, MO, IEEE Publishing Services.

Professional Affiliations

Member, Southeast Decision Sciences Institute

Courses Taught

Current Courses

EBUS 202 E-business Technologies (xhtml, javascript, XML, PHP and MySql)

INFO 300 Hardware and Software Operations

INFO 465 Systems Projects

Previous Courses at VCU

INFO250 - Introduction to Programming (Java and Visual Basic)

INFO360 - Introduction to Management Information Systems

INFO364 - Database Systems

INFO361 - Systems Analysis and Design

INFO664 - Advanced Database Systems (Graduate Course)

INFO660 - Management Inforamtion Systems (Graduate Course)

Courses at IT Universititet i Göteborg

Managing Projects and People

Organizations and IT

Thesis Advising

Software Leadership and Quality Management (Graduate Course)

Industrial Challenge Project (Graduate Course)

Technical Challenge Project( Graduate Course)

Courses taught at Longwood University

Managing Technology



Systems Analysis

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