Sound Technique Systems, LLC.

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Our Technology: Ultraquiet™

A novel tinnitus technology from Sound Technique Systems, LLC.


The problem..........Tinnitus

Incidence is 20%

Severe in 12 Million People

The possibility.......

Tinnitus Specific Therapy and as an adjunct to other modalities

Catalyst: Brain Plasticity

UltraQuiet™ reprograms the brain.

Strategy and Science

Platform Strategy

  • Tinnitus mode

Related products

  • Speech perception mode
  • Music perception mode

Safe, effective treatment; no side effects

Patent pending technology:

Wearable and desk top versions

Novel, pulsed, patterned, high frequency

Tinnitus is a byproduct of neural reprogramming. Pulsed, patterned, high frequency stimulation allows a reconversion of high frequency neurons "asleep" after peripheral loss.

Reconversion occurs throughout the neural axis. The high frequency "awakening" is both pleasant and effective in treating the brain pathways that maintain tinnitus. Those with hearing loss can re-experience high fidelity, high pitched music and speech

Pulsed patterned high frequency therapy
  • Safe and convenient
  • Tinnitus suppression
  • Residual inhibition
  • Long term management
Actual pulsed pattern frequencies

Long term rating of Tinnitus severity with Ultraquiet™ therapy

The Company:

Sound Technique Systems, LLC is a newly created company formed in 1998 to search for and develop intellectual properties and dedicated to the discovery of novel applications of products that involve the use of sound waves and their interaction with humans and animals

The Team:

The tinnitus clinical research group is composed of otolaryngologists, audiologists, acousticians, engineers and scientific/medical management specialists.

Initial Clinical trials underway in New York city.

Sound Technique Systems LLC.

800 East Leigh Street, Richmond VA 23219

Virginia Biotechnology Research Park

VCU School of Engineering

Dr Martin L. Lenhardt

24 years Prof. Otolaryngology

6 years Prof. Biomedical Engineering

3 years V.P. Sound Technique Systems

Our Hearing Aid technology

Upper Trace: Natural speech waveform

Lower Trace: STS modulated waveform

High frequency enhancement
  • Rapid filtering and modulating algorithms
  • consonant gain boost ~8dB
  • power ~110 dB re: 1 µN

Our Music Enhancement Technology:

Improved temporal resolution in plucked and rapid attack instruments
High frequency modulation of music allows a sense of pitch and timbre in musicians and serious music listeners even those with high frequency sensorineural hearing loss.
Sound Technique Systems, LLC


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