The following program, which was handed out at the memorial service (or Abdankung, as it would be called in Switzerland), contains "Highlights of Christof's Life." These "Highlights" do not constitute a proper Lebenslauf (as it might be called in German), i.e., they are not an adequate summary of his life. They were intended merely to give the people at the memorial an outline of Christof's life, for the immediate purposes of the memorial gathering. I (Jake Wegelin) wrote them hastily, without checking all of the facts against written records.

Consequently the "Highlights" have notable gaps, and at least one factual error. For instance, nowhere is Albert Schmidheini mentioned, Christof's uncle, who was the CEO of Wild Heerbrugg and a very important figure in Christof's life. Furthermore Vera, Christof's sister, appears nowhere in the "Highlights." The list of omissions could go onóbut you get the idea. And the last trip Christof made to Switzerland was in August and September 1997, not in 1996, as the "Highlights" claim.

Click here for the program for the memorial service, 21 November 2002. This is a PDF document.