Christof Andreas Wegelin
20 November 1911 - 4 November 2002

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In brief

Eulogy for Christof Wegelin, delivered 21 November 2002, at the memorial service at the Eugene Friends Meeting, Eugene, Oregon.

Program for memorial service, 21 November 2002, with a portrait, and some highlights of Christof Wegelin's life.

Obituary, Eugene Register-Guard, Thursday 14 November 2002, page 5D

Two of Christof Wegelin's books

Wegelin, Christof, 1911-2002. The Image of Europe in Henry James. Dallas, Southern Methodist University Press, 1958. ix, 200 p. 23 cm.

Christof Wegelin and Henry B. Wonham, eds. Tales of Henry James. Second Edition. Norton, 2002, 512 p. ISBN 0-393-97710-2.

Another photo: Christof Wegelin at home, circa 2000.

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This was badly scanned from a very good print. I hope eventually to re-scan it.

Ostschwyzer mond zsammehebe (people from the eastern Swiss cantons need to stick together): Christof Wegelin and Pia, 2002

Christof Wegelin, St. Galler, 90, and Pia, Appenzeller(in), 12, at home, Eugene, Oregon, USA, midyear 2002.

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