Henrico Virginia.

José Ulises Reveles Ramírez

Assitant Professor (2014-current)
Researcher/Instructor (2010-2014)
Research Assistant Professor (2010)
Post Doctoral Research Associate (2005-2009)
Department of Physics,
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

Research Associate Professor (2013-2016)
Department of Physics,
University of Texas at el Paso (UTEP)

Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences (2004), Cinvestav, México City, México,
B. Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering (2000), UNAM, Cuautitlán, México.

Address: Laurel Street Entrance, 701 West Grace Street, Rm. 2417
Richmond, VA 23284-2000, BOX 842000
(804) 828-5443

Email: jureveles@vcu.edu
My Ph.D Thesis English

Selected Publications

Designer Magnetic Superatoms, J.U. Reveles, P. Claybone, A.C. Reber, S.N. Khanna, K. Pradhan, P. Sen, and M.R. Pederson
Nat. Chem. 1, 310 (2009). Research Highlights papers in Nature Chemistry 7, 260 (2009), and New Scientist, June 2009.
Featured on the Physorg., Sciencedaily, and more than 200 other websites.

H2O Nucleation around Au+, J.U. Reveles, P. Calaminici, M.R. Beltrán, A.M. Köster, and S.N. Khanna
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 129, 15565 (2007). Research Highlights paper in Nature Physics 4, 9 (2008).

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Structure and Reactivity of Fe1-2O1-6- Clusters with CO, N.M. Reilly, J.U. Reveles, G.E. Johnson, S.N. Khanna, and A.W. Castleman Jr.
J. Phys. Chem. A, 111, 4158 (2007).

Multiple Valence Superatoms, J. U. Reveles, S. N. Khanna, P.J. Roach, and A.W. Castleman Jr.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 103, 18405 (2006). Times cited: 22 Research Highlights papers in C&EN News 2006, Nov. 21, and Nature Materials 2006, Nov. 23.

Electronic counting rules for the stability of metal-silicon clusters, J.U. Reveles, S. N. Khanna
Phys. Rev. B 74, 035435 (2006).

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