Throughout the semester, I will post chapter outlines on this page. They will be posted before we cover the respective chapter in class. It's important that you bring the relevant outline(s) to class each day because I'll be referring to them and perhaps making changes to them as we go. I also have decided to provide you with handouts of the PowerPoint slides that I show in class. I will post the handouts AFTER we finish each outline in class. Studying information from the PowerPoint slides is a good start. However, you should take notes on and study everything I cover in class, which is more than what is on the slides.

Jody Davis | Interpersonal Relations | Chapter Outlines and PowerPoint Handouts
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Chapter Outlines and PowerPoint Handouts

Note: This content is not going to be updated. Course materials are available in Blackboard instead of here on this web site.

Outlines and PowerPoint handouts will open through Adobe Acrobat. Once they are available for you to view and print, they will appear in green text that is a link.

Ch 2, Tools for Studying Intimate Relationships Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 1, What do We Want to Know about Intimate Relationships? Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 4, Men and Women, Gay and Straight Otline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 5, Attraction and Mate Selection Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 6, Individuals in Relationships: Personality and Personal History Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 7, Communicating Closeness: How Intimate Relationships are Maintained Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 8, Managing Differences: Conflict and Aggression Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 9, Beliefs and Values: Thinking about Relationships Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 10, Explanations and Justifications: Making Meaning in Intimate Relationships Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 11, Stress and Social Support: Intimate Relationships in Context Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 12, Interventions: Making Intimate Relationships Better Outline PowerPoint Handout
Ch 13, Intimate Relationships across the Lifespan Outline PowerPoint Handout