In general, my research interests span both cognitive and social psychology. The core of my research involves investigating explicit and implicit attitudes and motivation. Specifically, I am interested in how these social processes influence cognitive operations like perception and decision making. If you are interested in joining my lab as a research assistant, please complete an application.

Selected Publications

Klein, R. A., Ratliff, K., Nosek, B. A., Vianello, M., Pilati, R., Devos, T., Galliani, E. M., et al., (in press). Investigating variation in replicability: The “Many Labs” Replication Project. Social Psychology.

Oliver, N., Wells, K., Joy-Gaba, J. A., Hawkins, C. B., & Nosek, B. A. (2014). Do physicians implicit views of African-Americans affect clinical decision-making? Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 27(2), 177-188.

Lee, C., Linkenauger, S. A., Bakdash, J. Z., Joy-Gaba, J. A., & Proffitt, D. R. (2011). Putting like a pro: The role of positive contagion in golf and perception. PLoS ONE, 6(10).

Joy-Gaba, J. A., & Nosek, B. A. (2010). The surprisingly limited malleability of implicit race evaluations. Social Psychology, 41, 137-146.

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