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Joanne E. Jensen
Adjunct Instructor

Welcome to My Homepage\

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My story is a long and drawn out one (isn't everyone's?), but I'll simplify as much as I can. I started studying English at VCU in (gasp) 1985. I earned my BA in English with a minor in writing in May 1996 and my MA in English, Writing and Rhetoric in 1998.

I am an adjunct instructor in the VCU English Department, teaching English 101 and English 200. Also, I teach English 102, Professional Communications, at the University of Richmond's School of Continuing Studies.

In my spare time, I love to read and write nonfiction. I also love to cook and to go out dancing, but lately, surfing the Web has become one of my favorite pastimes. I've found it to be a very useful research tool as well as entertaining.

Here are a few of my favorite web sites... You may find them useful and interesting.


Let me know if you find anything fun while surfing the web. New sites are always popping up and I love to explore! 



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