József Bukszár, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor

     Center for Biomarker Research and Personalized Medicine      

School of Pharmacy

 Virginia Commonwealth University 

       McGuire Hall, Room 209C

     1112 East Clay Street

     Richmond, VA 23298, USA


        e-mail: jbukszar@vcu.edu

MIND: Mathematically-based Integration of heterogeNeous Data

Two important features of MIND are that

1.      it relies on a solid mathematical foundation that provide us with the exact posterior probability that a marker has effect (≈ is associated with a certain disease) based on the information in different type of data sets,

2.      the fact that many model parameters can be aggregated made it possible to construct a precise estimator of the above exact posterior probability.


Freely downloadable are the R package MIND and its manual.


Related article:

Bukszár J, Khachane AN, Ĺberg K, Liu Y, McClay JL, Sullivan PF and Van den Oord EJCG. A rigorous method for integrating multiple heterogeneous databases in large scale genetic studies (submitted).


The mathematical foundation of the framework is described in the article:

Bukszár J and Van den Oord EJCG. Mathematically-based integration of heterogeneous data, RUTCOR Research Reports, 16, 1-20, 2011 (pdf).


Selected Publications in Statistics/Genetics

Adkins DE, Ĺberg K, McClay JL, Bukszár J, Zhao Z, Jia P, Stroup TS, Perkins D, McEvoy JP, Lieberman JA, Sullivan PF and Van den Oord EJCG. Genomewide pharmacogenomic study of metabolic side effects to antipsychotic drugs, Molecular Psychiatry, 16, 321-332, 2011.

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Bukszár J, McClay JL and van den Oord EJCG. Estimating the posterior probability that genomewide association findings are true or false, Bioinformatics, 25 (14) 1807-1813, 2009. Supplemental material; software in R and readme file for the R codes.

Van den Oord EJ, Kuo PH, Hartmann A, Webb BT, Möller H, Hettema J, Giegling I, Bukszár J and Rujescu D. Genomewide association analysis followed by a replication study implicates a novel neuroticism gene, Archives of General Psychiatry, 65(9), 1062-71, 2008.

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Bukszár J and Van den Oord EJ. Accurate and efficient power calculations for 2xm tables in unmatched case-control designs, Statistics in Medicine, 25 (15), 2632-46, 2006. Supplemental material, software in R for power calculations for 2×2 and 2×3 tables.

Van den Oord EJ, Rujescu D, Robles JR, Giegling I, Birrell C, Bukszár J, Murrelle L, Moller HJ, Middleton L and Muglia P. Factor structure and external validity of the PANSS revisited, Schizophrenia research 2006; 82 (2-3): 213-23.

Selected Publications in Mathematics

Bukszár J. Hypermultitrees and Bonferroni Inequalities, Mathematical Inequalities and Applications 2003; 6(4):727-743.

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