Additional publications by Hassan Sedaghat

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52.  The Ducci Problem and Related Questions, A Glimpse of Mathematics, George Washington University, 1989 (also known as the ďn-numbers gameĒ this is an intriguing difference problem that is solved here in a novel way)

Additional articles, preprints

A convergence criterion for the solutions of nonlinear difference equations and dynamical systems (submitted article), 2017

Extinction and the Allee effect in an age-structured Ricker population model with inter-stage interaction (with N. Lazaryan, submitted article), 2017

Folding difference and differential systems into higher-order equations,, 2014

On non-occurrence of chaos in non-autonomous planar flows, 2014

On periodic and chaotic orbits in rational planar systems (with N. Lazaryan), 2014

Global attractivity in nonlinear higher order difference equations in Banach spaces,, 2012

Factorizations and reductions of order in quadratic and other non-recursive higher order difference equations,, 2010

Factorizations of difference equations by semiconjugacy with application to non-autonomous linear equations,, 2010

Semiconjugate factorization and reduction of order in difference equations,, 2009

Order-reducing form symmetries and semiconjugate factorizations of difference equations,, 2008

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