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Dept. of Biology 
Virginia Commonwealth Univ. 
P.O. Box 842012 
Richmond, VA 23284-2012


Tel#:  (804) 828-0778 
Fax#:  (804) 828-0503 

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Room 332 
Trani Life Science Center
1000 W. Cary Street
(Academic Campus)

E-mail: gmplunke#vcu.edu [change # to @]


Affiliated Positions:



        My research focuses on elucidating the evolutionary and biogeographic histories of flowering plants, especially Araliaceae (the ginseng family) and Apiaceae (the carrot family), on a global basis.  On a more local scale, I also study the population genetics of plants found here in Virginia.  For all of these studies, I employ molecular (DNA-based) techniques such as DNA sequencing, restriction site analysis, and RAPDs (random amplified polymorphic DNAs).  To learn more about my research activities, visit the homepage for the Molecular Plant Systematics Lab.

The Herbarium of Virginia Commonwealth Univ.:

        The Herbarium of Virginia Commonwealth Univ. (VCU) is a small collection (~17,000 specimens) of vascular and non-vascular plants representing the flora of Virginia and surrounding states.  In the near future, the collection will be housed at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond.

Want to learn more?

Shots from our March 2002 trip to New Caledonia (in the South Pacific):

View of Baie de Dumbea from Monts Koghis:

Greg looking lost (as usual) in the Maquis at the Plaine des Lacs:

Pressing plants and preserving tissue samples after returning
from a hard day in the field at the Plateau de Dogny:

Greg and Pete find something interesting in forests of the Dumbea River valley:

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