E la banda son-a fort ma a l'é mal ciapà
ciama ij sòld e scansa ij mòrt
a l'é mal butà
ël djambè comanda       ancamin-o a tërmolé
pòi la fisa e pòi la froja   ch'a gavo ij brut pensé
ël mesté dij istriòn    ch'a pija për la gola
passo j'ani d'la rasòn  oh già la vita a vòla
na stissa na vòlta na stissa basta
che pöi a fa pioré
a s'carioma ëd povronin al pòst d'andé a snufié

 Soma mau-mau ma pà fòj 
Soma ij sìngher d'la nassion 
Sgamaloma con la Fulvia
L'oma nen fait ël soldà 

Mau Mau's Mostafaj
(from the album "Sauta rabel")


Sèms montanhòls, aiman l'independença. L'aviam, l'avèm, e mai la gardarem.

Giovanni Lasio

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

I am currently working on a medical imaging project; one of the goals of our project is to be able to perform quantitative CT imaging in the presence of metal bodies. The approach is based on statistical image reconstruction methods. The detector-model mismatches have been found to be responsible for streaking artifacts when filtered backprojection is used to reconstruct the image. The alternating minimization algorithm, an iterative method based on a CT detector model that includes noise, scatter and polyenergetic X-Ray spectra, substantially reduces these artifacts when prior knowledge of the metal object is used to constrain the algorithm's iterations.

My addresses:


Radiation Oncology Department:
     Giovanni Lasio
     Department of Radiation Oncology
     Virginia Commonwealth University
     401 College Street
     P.O. Box 980058, Richmond VA
     United States

My physics work from my HEP days: publications, memos and software (incomplete).
My Music page.
Les Horribles Cernettes. Yes! The "other" L.H.C. website... for all of you high energy physicists out there .

Naked Blood (a short poem).

Some pictures (©Copyright 2000-2002 Giovanni Lasio. All rights reserved. No work may be reproduced, copied, stored, manipulated, or redistributed without express permission of the author):

  • Coast along the Pacific Highway, between Monterey and San Francisco: 1, 2and 3
  • Me, myself and I (in Monterey): photo 1 and 2.
  • A Joshua tree.
  • A boring picture of the Golden gate.
  • Red Rocks Canyon:Jeff
  • Red Rocks Canyon:"Oh, whatever..."
  • Red Rocks Canyon:the wall
  •  Alcatraz.
  •  Joshua Tree May 2001.
  •  Anto's birthday party.
  •  Throop peak.
  •  Mt Baldy, Sep 2001.
  •  Joshua Tree bouldering, Sep 2001.
  •  Miscellaneous toproping.
  •   A few unsorted pics...
  •   Paolo and I (and a gold mine).
  • My intense mother.
  • Aunt Anna.
  • Edi.
  • Uncle Rainer at work.
  •  Death Valley .
  •  Italy Sep. 2004 .

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