Death Valley.

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Road Mars Photo time Climb 1
One long stretch... ...through barren land. "Move it! We're waiting for you!" Looking for a nice view.
Zabriskie Pt 1 Zabriskie Pt 2 Zabriskie Pt 3 Badwater 1
From Zabriskie Point... sunset. More from Zabriskie Point. Below sea level.
Water?! Enjoying the view A&S G
In need of water. "Really nice up here!" A&S in front of the Artist's palette. Mr G in front of ....
Golden Canyon Zabriskie 1 Trenino Group photo
Golden Canyon, towards... ...Zabriskie Point Fun at Zabriskie Point Silvia, Gio and Noelia.
Yoga, sand and wine 1 No comment BadwaterII Silvia Dante's view
Stovepipe W. At night. Benigni and the Little Devil. Salt. Natural Bridge Cyn feature. Dante's view.
Ssssand Dunes Ridge Si on the ridge Summit  ridge
Stovepipe Wells sand... ...and dunes. On our way up. Silvia on a lower summit ridge. Up the summit ridge.


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