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The Tissue Engineering Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of scientists working toward the goal of developing an “ideal” tissue-engineering scaffold.  Biocompatibility, mechanical stability and bioresorption/degradation are the defining assets of an “ideal” scaffold yet this combination has continually eluded researchers.  Electrospinning is proving to be able to overcome many of the historic limitations due in particular to the ability to produce fibrous scaffolds that can mimic the composition and architecture (fiber size and orientation) of the native extracellular matrix.  Our laboratory has demonstrated that nano- to micro-scale fibrous scaffolds can be reproducibly electrospun from biopolymers including collagen types I, II, and III, elastin, fibrinogen, poly (glycolic acid), poly (lactic acid), and Polycaprolactone either individually or in combinations tailored to a specific application.  Preliminary cellular/tissue interaction experiments have shown very promising results which are predominately dependent on the electrospun scaffold’s composition and fiber diameter.

Laboratory Profile






Director:  Dr. Gary L. Bowlin
               Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering

               Assistant Chair - Graduate Coordinator

               Joint Appointment in Department of Physiology




Doctoral Students:

                            Kristin J. Pawlowski, M.S.

                            Eugene D. Boland

                            Catherine Barnes, M.S.


Masters Students:

                            Allison Faucette  

                            Danielle Knapp 

                            Charles Anderson 

                            Chantal Ayers

                            Leander Taylor

                            Scott Sell


Medical Students:

                            Jamil A. Matthews, M.S.


Postdoctoral / Residents:

                            Michael McManus, M.D.


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Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, PO Box 980694, Richmond, VA  23298 
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