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G. Hurlbert WebSim Tips

If you discover any clever uses not listed here, or have an idea for a clever tool to add to WebSim, please send email to Glenn Hurlbert at mylastname at asu dot edu with the subject line WebSim Tip.

  • Saving a sequence of tableaux is accomplished by saving the page in your browser. However, while it may be useful later to load that page into your browser so that you may continue working on the problem, you will not be able to pivot on it. Instead, you must open a new tab, copy it over and work in the new tab.

  • Exploration and discovery is facilitated by employing multiple tabs. From a tab labeled X, use the tableau button to Copy Tableau to New Window. Doing that several times opens new windows (better yet, tabs --- see Browsers ) with labels XA, XB, etc. From these identical tableaux one can perform different pivots for comparison, among other inquiry-based operations.

  • When solving ILOPs via cutting planes, when it comes time to add a new constraint, you must add a new slack variable column as well. Instead of adding them separately, you can add them at the same time by using Add Row and Column After in the menu of the cell after which you want them added.

  • When solving ILOPs via branch and bound, follow the same advice as for cutting planes, above, regarding the inclusion of new constraints. Also, use new tabs (as in the exploration advice, above) for the branching process.