Simons Foundation, Graph Pebbling, Extremal Set Theory, and Universal Cycles (PI), 2012-2017
Mathematical Association of America, ASU Summer Mathematics Institute (Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grant) (PI), 2012-2013
J. William Fulbright Scholarship, Combinatorial Optimization (PI), 2011
National Science Foundation, Professional Enhancement Program (PREP) (PI), 2008
National Science Foundation, Southwest Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference (PI), 2007-2008
ASU Fulton School of Engineering Undergraduate Research Initiative (advisor), 2006-2007
Banff International Research Station, Generalizations of deBruijn cycles and Gray codes (participant), 2004
ASU Jack H. Hawes Memorial Research Scholarship (advisor), 2004
National Science Foundation, Project pathways: opening routes to math and science success for all students (SP), 2005-2009
National Science Foundation, Developing a professional learning community model for secondary precalculus teachers (CoPI), 2004-2009
National Science Foundation, Linear Optimization: The Simplex Workbook (PI), 2005-2008
National Security Agency, Pebbling in graphs (PI), 2005-2007
National Science Foundation, Arizona Mathematics Undergraduate Conference (PI), 2003-2004
National Security Agency, Pebbling in graphs (PI), 2002-2004
Motorola, Summer Teachers Institute in Mathematics (CoPI), 2001-2003
Eisenhower Foundation, Summer Teachers Institute in Mathematics (CoPI), 2001-2002
National Science Foundation, Universal cycles and partially ordered sets (PI), 1992-1994