PhD Students

Victoria (Horan) Goliber (2012, Listing Combinatorial Objects) -- wrote four papers ( 1 2 3 4 ) with me on universal and overlap cycles for Steiner triple and quadruple systems, weak orders, and permutations. Currently working at D-Wave Systems.
Vikram Kamat (2011, Erdos-Ko-Rado theorems: new generalizations, stability analysis, and Chvatal's conjecture) -- wrote a paper with me on lattice path bijections and another on Erdos-Ko-Rado graphs, as well as several others on his own in extremal set theory. Currently a Visiting Professor at Villanova University after postdocs at the Department of Computer Science and Automation at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the University of Warsaw Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics.
Andrew Jennings (2010, Monotonicity and manipulability of ordinal and cardinal social choice functions)
Ben Hester (2010, Variations, generalizations, and structural analysis of graph pebbling) -- wrote 3 papers ( 1 2 3 ) with me and a colleague on graph pebbling; currently working for the federal government.
Airat Bekmetjev (2002, The threshold phenomenon in random pebbling configurations) -- wrote one paper on the existence of pebbling threshold functions with Brightwell, Czygrinow, and me, and another paper on the pebbling threshold of square cliques with me; currently an Associate Professor at Hope College.
Committee member for Katarina Panagiotau (current, Math Ed), Matt Smith (2012, Math), Adam Bland (2011, Math), Louis Debiasio (2011, Math), David Smith (2010, Math), Jacob White (2010, Math), Chris McLean (2010, Comp Sci), Phong Chau (2010, Math), Stacey Bowling (2009, Math Ed), Chris Severs (2009, Math), Karin Saoub (2009, Math), Denise Nunley (2008, Math Ed), Apple Bloom (2008, Math Ed), Ashwini Kelkar (2008, Math), Ted Coe (2007, Math Ed), Jessica Knapp (2005, Math Ed), Daqing Yang (2004, Math), Shelley Smith (2004, Math)