Juggling three 5-permutations (2017 Jun) The juggling pattern 531441335224512 throws each color at each height from 1 to 5.
Juggling a ternary deBruijn cycle of order two (2017 Jun) The juggling pattern 631415241 yields the deBruijn cycle 012211020.
Spuggling (Spell Juggling, 2015 Jun) for Ron Graham's 80th Birthday Conference with Colin Wright (R), Jeff Davis (O), Erik Demaine (N), myself (G), Jay Cummings (R), Jacob Landgraf (A), Peter Frankl (H), Pat Dragon (A), and Puck Rombach (M).
Professor of the Year Nomination (2008 Apr) Nominated by students, chosen by the ASU Parents Association. You can see the (50-second) nomination video here.
Last Lecture Series (2007 Apr) Nominated and chosen by students, university-wide; the premise is, if you knew this would be the last lecture you'd ever give, what would you say? My lecture was titled, Is 42 really the answer? You can see the (hour-long) video of it here (it is broken into seven 9-minute clips).