General Information

The Professional Enhancement Program is run by the Mathematical Association of America through grant #DUE-0341841 from the National Science Foundation. This particular workshop is on the topic of Linear Optimization and will run June 25-29, 2008, at the MAA Carriage House in Washington, DC.

Linear Optimization is an established field of applied mathematics typically taught to engineers and business students. However, it is also a rich and exciting subject of pure mathematics with a long and storied history containing fertile ideas that connect it with many branches of mathematics, including linear algebra, geometry, probability, combinatorics, algorithms, computing, game theory, economics, graph theory, and modeling.

Because of its breadth and both pure and applied nature, the topic can be used as a kind of capstone or honors project course as well as a standard course. Moreover, with current technology, students armed only with half a typical linear algebra course under their belts can be led to discover the main theorems of the subject, making Linear Optimization useful as an introduction to proofs course as well. Some of its applications to geometry and game theory are downright fun, as we'll see.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be ready to teach a full-semester course to undergraduates in mathematics, engineering, and business, as well as to include parts of the subject in other courses as supplemental material, research projects, or honors theses. They will also be ready to try innovative teaching methods in their class, including the use of various technologies, software, and inquiry-based approaches.

Participants will also receive a free copy of my textbook as well as WebSim , my web-based linear optimization tool. Other textbooks will be on hand as well.